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Putzmeister M 24 Concrete Boom Pump Hire

24m reach concrete boom pump

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 Putzmeister M 24 Concrete Boom Pump Hire

The Putzmeister M 24 is a 4-section 24m-reach concrete boom pump capable of pumping 110m of concrete per hour.

The M 24 is a highly reliable pump and work-horse — ideal for use inside a building thanks to its low unfolding height of 4.9m.

  • Radio remote control
  • Low unfolding Height 4.9m
  • Ideal for inside a building

Space required

24m Putzmeister Spec space required

Space requirement M 24:

  1. Extent of forward supports = 5.5m
  2. Extent of rear supports = 2.5m

Working range

24m Putzmeister Spec working range

The M 24 with connected 12m end hose has the reaches listed below, while maintaining the permissable working ranges.

  1. Horizontal reach = 15.2m
  2. Vertical reach (to the lower end of the 12m end hose) = 6.8m
  3. Total vertical reach = 18.8m
  4. Depth of reach = 18.2m